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Services & Fees

All in-person visits beyond 25 miles from Canterbury, CT may be subject to an additional travel fee.

For Booking:
Send an email to requesting a personal appointment.  

Payment, insurance, and appointment information is listed below.

We are in network with Aetna and Tricare East/Humana Military!

If you have PPO plans with Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, PNOA, VA/CCN Optum Care, or Multiplan coverage (with United Healthcare) your appointment may be covered in patnership with The Lactation Network at no cost to you!


Verify your coverage at:

For all others: Private payment is due at the time of service.  We accept major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and HSA/FSA.  The Affordable Care Act mandated insurance payers to cover lactation services and supplies.(1)  You may request a superbill to submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement of any out of pocket fees.  It is always advisable to call your insurance company and ask their policy on covering lactation services. 


Payment plans are available.


Looking for another way to pay? With BeHerVillage you can add Amaryllis Lactation Support to your registry and encourage your family and friends to help pay for the support your deserve!

Prenatal Consultation

We set aside time to discuss your expectations for breastfeeding your baby.  We discuss strategies to overcome early breastfeeding interruptions, and ways to get breastfeeding established in the critical period.  Birthing coaches and partners are encouraged to join us in this session, if you choose.

In-Home and Telehealth available.


Follow-Up Appointments
Postpartum Consultation

This is a highly individualized consultation where we can discuss many different issues.  A full feeding assessment is done, including a weighted feed.  We may address some common breastfeeding issues, including breast or nipple pain, difficulty latching, a fussy or sleepy baby, and how to survive overnights.  Partners and other support people are welcome!

In home and Telehealth available.

In-Home: $275

Telehealth: $250

*Note - Full assessment including weight feed cannot be done virtually/via telehealth.

(Previously seen clients only)

Follow up appointments are important to track your progress, address any questions that might come up, and adjust our plan if needed!
In Home: $200

Telehealth: $175 

Next Steps Consultations

(Previously seen or new clients)

Are you worried about returning to work?  Adding solids?  Breastfeeding a teething toddler? Are you ready to wean?  This session is specially tailored for the next stages of your breastfeeding relationship, even if things were previously going great.
In Home: $225

Telehealth: 200

Most common reasons to see
a Lactation Consultant
  • Difficult or painful latching

  • Low milk supply or too much milk supply

  • Infant weight loss (more than 10% loss from birth weight) or inadequate weight gain after two weeks post-birth

  • Fussiness at the breast, breastfeeding refusal, and nursing strikes

  • Breast or nipple pain

  • Babies with special feeding needs including premature infants, twins and multiples, infants with medical issues that make latching and sucking difficult, or newborns with jaundice

  • Preparing to go back to work or school

  • Weaning, starting solids, and formula use

  • General breastfeeding education, and support

Reasons to see a Lactation Consultant beyond common breastfeeding difficulties
  • Pump Instruction and Flange Sizing, including safe handling and breastmilk storage guidelines 

  • Safe formula preparation

  • Bottle feeding for the breastfed baby

  • Infant and pregnancy loss support, including information on milk donation or how to dry up milk supply

Travel Fees

Beyond 25 miles from Canterbury, CT a fee may be charged for extra travel time:

25-35 miles: $40

35-50 miles: $75

Give the Gift of Lactation Support! 

(1) The ACA requires health insurance support for breastfeeding pump rental and breastfeeding educational services within Section 2713, which outlines the health insurance benefits under the Women’s Preventive Health Services provision.  Find more information at

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